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Current weather conditions obtained from the member stations of the Regional Weather Network


temperature [ F° ] humidity [ % ] wind [ mph ] rain [ in ] barometer [ inHg ] baro trend

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Current weather conditions at the weather stations

Note: Click on the table column title to change the order of that column's values.

Country Station   Current Condition Temp. Dew Point Humid Wind Gust Rain Pressure Trend
Ontario Wawasunnysunny15 C11 C79%1 kmh eneENE0.0 mm1025.2 hPasteady
Illinois Almaclearclear75 F63 F68%2 mph sseSSE0.00 in29.99 inHgsteady
Illinois Bataviaovercastovercast66 F64 F92%0 mph seSE50.76 in30.06 inHgrising
Illinois Bloomingtonmistmist65 F63 F93%6 mph eE60.45 in30.13 inHgrising slowly
Illinois Bourbonnaispartly cloudypartly cloudy63 F62 F96%2 mph sS41.13 in30.11 inHgsteady
Illinois Centraliaclearclear78 F62 F59%0 mph sseSSE0.00 in30.11 inHgsteady
Illinois Danvillelight rainlight rain64 F59 F84%5 mph neNE0.11 in30.15 inHgrising rapidly
Illinois Joliet-2overcastovercast64 F63 F96%3 mph sS31.03 in30.07 inHgsteady
Illinois Joliet-3Stopped RainingStopped Raining65 F64 F97%2 mph wW11.79 in29.98 inHgsteady
Illinois Mahometlight rainlight rain63 F62 F96%3 mph seSE30.08 in30.15 inHgsteady
Illinois Milanovercastovercast68 F66 F96%1 mph eseESE152.02 in30.09 inHgsteady
Illinois MorrisCloudy2Cloudy264 F63 F96%3 mph seSE20.81 in30.08 inHgrising slowly
Illinois Morrison Offline
Illinois Mulkeytown Offline
Illinois Peotonelight rainlight rain63 F59 F88%7 mph sseSSE1.35 in30.11 inHgsteady
Illinois Towandamistmist17 F16 F93%2 mph eseESE314.50 in1023.30 inHgsteady
Chicago W Rogers Parkmostly cloudymostly cloudy67 F64 F88%4 mph seSE100.32 in30.05 inHgsteady
Indiana Evansvilleclearclear74 F58 F57%2 mph seSE60.00 in30.08 inHgsteady
Indiana Mishawakaovercastovercast63 F59 F86%4 mph sS100.37 in30.11 inHgsteady
Iowa Carter Lakeclearclear73 F67 F82%0 mph swSW0.00 in29.97 inHgsteady
Iowa Davenportovercastovercast69 F68 F97%10 mph sseSSE70.66 in30.08 inHgsteady
Iowa Garner Offline
Iowa Madridsunnysunny73 F71 F92%0 mph wswWSW0.03 in29.93 inHgsteady
Iowa Olinpartly cloudypartly cloudy70 F69 F96%4 mph sswSSW40.16 in29.91 inHgsteady
Iowa Vintonpartly cloudypartly cloudy73 F72 F96%3 mph sS0.01 in29.92 inHgsteady
Kansas Lenexaclearclear78 F69 F74%2 mph wW30.00 in29.96 inHgsteady
Kansas McLouth Offline
Kentucky Bowling Green Offline
Kentucky Crab Orchardhazehaze75 F57 F53%0 mph sswSSW10.00 in30.62 inHgsteady
Kentucky Fairdalefew cloudsfew clouds72 F50 F47%0 mph sswSSW0.00 in30.15 inHgsteady
Kentucky Frankfortclearclear74 F60 F61%2 mph eE0.00 in30.15 inHgsteady
Kentucky Georgetownovercastovercast77 F57 F49%2 mph eneENE30.00 in30.28 inHgsteady
Kentucky Rineyvilleclearclear79 F62 F55%1 mph sswSSW0.00 in30.23 inHgrising slowly
Kentucky Williamsburgclearclear73 F63 F70%3 mph sseSSE40.00 in30.24 inHgrising slowly
Michigan Big Baymistmist58 F57 F94%0 mph swSW0.02 in30.03 inHgsteady
Michigan Cheboyganmistmist56 F55 F97%0 mph eseESE0.30 in30.09 inHgsteady
Michigan East Tawas Offline
Michigan Herseyovercastovercast67 F63 F88%4 mph swSW0.01 in30.01 inHgsteady
Michigan Irontonclearclear59 F51 F73%7 mph eseESE0.24 in30.05 inHgsteady
Michigan Rogers Cityovercastovercast58 F56 F92%4 mph sS100.32 in30.14 inHgsteady
Michigan Sand PointCloudy2Cloudy262 F58 F87%4 mph sS50.07 in30.08 inHgsteady
Michigan Sterling Heightsovercastovercast66 F61 F85%2 mph wW10.00 in30.10 inHgsteady
Minnesota Coon Rapidspartly cloudypartly cloudy63 F60 F91%0 mph neNE0.00 in29.94 inHgsteady
Minnesota EdinaPatches of FogPatches of Fog64 F62 F96%0 mph nN0.00 in29.97 inHgsteady
Minnesota Hollandalefogfog66 F51 F58%0 mph sS0.00 in29.78 inHgsteady
Minnesota Madelia-66 F63 F89%0 mph sS20.00 in29.94 inHgsteady
Minnesota Robbinsdaleclearclear67 F66 F97%0 mph sseSSE0.00 in29.91 inHgsteady
Minnesota Saginaw Offline
Minnesota Zumbrotapartly cloudypartly cloudy63 F61 F93%0 mph sS0.00 in29.93 inHgsteady
Missouri Fultonclearclear71 F66 F85%0 mph sseSSE0.00 in30.04 inHgsteady
Missouri Jacksonclearclear80 F46 F30%2 mph sseSSE10.00 in29.53 inHgrising slowly
Missouri LebanonCloudy2Cloudy278 F64 F62%0 mph swSW10.00 in30.16 inHgsteady
Missouri OFallonmostly cloudymostly cloudy75 F61 F63%3 mph sswSSW60.00 in30.10 inHgrising slowly
Missouri Reaclearclear77 F71 F81%4 mph sS110.00 in29.96 inHg--
Missouri Trimblepartly cloudypartly cloudy77 F70 F79%6 mph nN40.00 in30.01 inHgsteady
Nebraska Friendsunnysunny73 F68 F84%4 mph swSW30.00 in29.93 inHgsteady
Nebraska Lincolnsunnysunny75 F67 F76%0 mph wW0.00 in29.95 inHgsteady
Nebraska Nebraska Cityclearclear73 F67 F83%0 mph swSW0.00 in29.97 inHgsteady
Ohio Avonovercastovercast67 F61 F82%0 mph sS60.00 in30.16 inHgsteady
Ohio Crestlinemostly cloudymostly cloudy68 F61 F76%0 mph wswWSW0.00 in30.20 inHgsteady
Ohio Groveportpartly cloudypartly cloudy73 F61 F65%1 mph sswSSW0.00 in30.19 inHgsteady
Ohio Hamilton Offline
Ohio Lancasterdrydry72 F59 F64%1 mph sS0.00 in30.18 inHgsteady
Ohio Liberty Townshipovercastovercast72 F59 F63%0 mph seSE0.00 in30.16 inHgsteady
Ohio New Albanypartly cloudypartly cloudy72 F61 F68%1 mph nneNNE20.00 in30.19 inHgsteady
Ohio Newton Fallsclearclear65 F61 F86%0 mph nN0.00 in30.18 inHgsteady
Wisconsin Athelstanemistmist60 F60 F98%0 mph neNE0.27 in30.05 inHgsteady
Wisconsin Crandon Offline
Wisconsin De Peremistmist70 F67 F90%1 mph eE0.00 in30.04 inHgsteady
Wisconsin DeSotoCloudy2Cloudy269 F69 F97%1 mph nN20.06 in29.83 inHgsteady
Wisconsin Green Baymistmist65 F65 F99%0 mph sS0.00 in29.32 inHgsteady
Wisconsin Knowlton Offline
Wisconsin Maustonovercastovercast71 F68 F92%2 mph sS20.00 in29.99 inHgsteady
Wisconsin Park Fallssunnysunny62 F62 F100%0 mph sS0.01 in30.01 inHgsteady
Wisconsin Ploverovercastovercast65 F62 F90%5 mph sseSSE50.00 in30.01 inHgsteady
Wisconsin Sun PrairieCloudy2Cloudy269 F66 F89%2 mph wswWSW10.00 in29.96 inHgsteady
Wisconsin Waupacaovercastovercast64 F63 F97%0 mph eneENE0.00 in29.97 inHgsteady
Wisconsin Winter-59 F56 F90%0 mph eseESE0.00 in30.00 inHgsteady

Member stations of the Regional Weather Network

Member stations of the Regional Weather Network

This station is proud to be a member of the Regional Weather Network.

Please take a moment to visit other stations on the network by clicking on the map above or clicking on the links below. The stations are displaying the weather conditions: Temperature, dew point, humidity, wind direction and speed/gust speed, today's rain, barometric pressure and trend, current conditions and the name of the city where the weather station is located.

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