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Current weather conditions obtained from the member stations of the Regional Weather Network


temperature [ F° ] humidity [ % ] wind [ mph ] rain [ in ] barometer [ inHg ] baro trend

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Current weather conditions at the weather stations

Note: Click on the table column title to change the order of that column's values.

Country Station   Current Condition Temp. Dew Point Humid Wind Gust Rain Pressure Trend
Ontario Wawapartly cloudypartly cloudy1 C-2 C82%0 kmh sswSSW0.2 mm937.2 hParising slowly
Illinois Alma Offline
Illinois Bataviamistmist28 F24 F86%0 mph sS40.06 in29.90 inHgfalling
Illinois Bloomingtonmistmist25 F23 F92%13 mph sswSSW130.21 in29.96 inHgsteady
Illinois Bourbonnaispartly cloudypartly cloudy27 F25 F91%7 mph sS60.13 in29.96 inHgsteady
Illinois Centraliaclearclear28 F26 F93%2 mph sswSSW0.13 in30.04 inHgsteady
Illinois Danville-29 F24 F83%7 mph wW70.08 in29.96 inHgsteady
Illinois Joliet-2 Offline
Illinois Joliet-3-28 F26 F92%0 mph sswSSW0.00 in29.82 inHgfalling slowly
Illinois Mahometmistmist24 F22 F94%7 mph swSW40.00 in29.99 inHgsteady
Illinois Milanclearclear31 F24 F77%3 mph swSW80.00 in29.89 inHgsteady
Illinois Morrismistmist27 F24 F90%5 mph sswSSW40.07 in29.91 inHgfalling slowly
Illinois Morrison-28 F24 F86%0 mph sswSSW0.00 in29.85 inHgfalling slowly
Illinois Mulkeytownclearclear28 F25 F90%3 mph eseESE0.06 in30.04 inHgsteady
Illinois Peotonepartly cloudypartly cloudy27 F24 F86%16 mph sswSSW0.19 in29.96 inHgsteady
Chicago W Rogers Parkmistmist31 F28 F86%8 mph swSW90.08 in29.84 inHgfalling
Indiana Evansville Offline
Indiana Mishawakaovercastovercast31 F28 F89%4 mph wW150.24 in29.94 inHgsteady
Iowa Carter Lakeclearclear42 F33 F69%1 mph wswWSW30.00 in30.10 inHgsteady
Iowa Davenport Offline
Iowa Des Moines Offline
Iowa Garner Offline
Iowa Madridovercastovercast40 F33 F78%8 mph nwNW40.00 in29.95 inHgrising slowly
Iowa Olin Offline
Iowa Vintonpartly cloudypartly cloudy41 F32 F70%12 mph sseSSE0.00 in29.80 inHgfalling slowly
Kansas Lenexaclearclear42 F33 F72%0 mph wswWSW0.00 in30.02 inHgsteady
Kansas McLouth Offline
Kentucky Bowling Green Offline
Kentucky Fairdale Offline
Kentucky Frankfortovercastovercast30 F27 F88%5 mph swSW0.02 in30.06 inHgsteady
Kentucky Georgetown-30 F29 F96%5 mph wswWSW50.04 in30.19 inHgsteady
Kentucky Rineyville Offline
Kentucky Williamsburg Offline
Michigan Big Bay Offline
Michigan Cheboygan Offline
Michigan East Tawas Offline
Michigan Hersey Offline
Michigan Irontonovercastovercast32 F28 F87%1 mph sseSSE0.07 in29.78 inHgfalling
Michigan Rogers City Offline
Michigan Sand Point Offline
Michigan Sterling Heights Offline
Minnesota Coon Rapids Offline
Minnesota Edina Offline
Minnesota Hollandale Offline
Minnesota Madelia-32 F29 F89%0 mph nwNW10.00 in29.91 inHgsteady
Minnesota Minnetonka Offline
Minnesota Robbinsdaleovercastovercast36 F33 F91%11 mph wW70.03 in29.80 inHgrising slowly
Minnesota Saginaw Offline
Minnesota Zumbrotasnowsnow36 F34 F93%7 mph wnwWNW70.02 in29.78 inHgrising slowly
Missouri Fulton Offline
Missouri Jackson-32 F26 F78%0 mph sseSSE0.00 in29.80 inHgsteady
Missouri Lebanon Offline
Missouri OFallon Offline
Missouri Rea Offline
Missouri Trimble Offline
Nebraska Friend Offline
Nebraska Lincolnclearclear45 F34 F67%0 mph wnwWNW0.00 in30.10 inHgsteady
Nebraska Nebraska Cityclearclear42 F33 F69%6 mph wW30.00 in30.09 inHgsteady
Ohio Avonlight Snow +Mistlight Snow +Mist33 F30 F89%1 mph wW60.51 in29.88 inHgsteady
Ohio Blue Rocklight Snow +Mistlight Snow +Mist35 F34 F97%3 mph nnwNNW121.34 in29.91 inHgsteady
Ohio Granvillelight snowlight snow33 F32 F0%0 mph nneNNE1.10 in29.93 inHgfalling rapidly
Ohio Groveportovercastovercast34 F32 F95%2 mph wW30.53 in29.97 inHgsteady
Ohio Hamiltonovercastovercast32 F29 F90%4 mph sseSSE0.02 in30.03 inHgsteady
Ohio Lancasterdrydry33 F31 F93%2 mph wswWSW1.11 in29.95 inHgsteady
Ohio Liberty Townshipovercastovercast32 F31 F96%8 mph swSW70.54 in30.02 inHgsteady
Ohio New Albanylight snowlight snow32 F32 F98%1 mph swSW30.04 in29.97 inHgsteady
Ohio Newton Fallssnowsnow32 F29 F89%0 mph nN0.70 in29.87 inHgsteady
Wisconsin Athelstaneovercastovercast30 F27 F88%0 mph sswSSW0.01 in29.72 inHgfalling slowly
Wisconsin Crandonpartly cloudypartly cloudy30 F20 F66%0 mph eneENE0.01 in30.48 inHgsteady
Wisconsin De Pereovercastovercast33 F29 F86%2 mph sS20.00 in29.76 inHgfalling slowly
Wisconsin DeSotoclearclear34 F29 F80%0 mph wnwWNW0.00 in29.67 inHgsteady
Wisconsin Green Bay-33 F33 F99%0 mph seSE0.00 in29.03 inHgfalling slowly
Wisconsin Mauston Offline
Wisconsin Plover Offline
Wisconsin Sun Prairieovercastovercast32 F22 F68%2 mph sswSSW50.00 in29.77 inHgfalling slowly
Wisconsin Waupacapartly cloudypartly cloudy32 F25 F74%0 mph swSW0.01 in29.73 inHgfalling
Wisconsin Winterovercastovercast34 F27 F77%0 mph seSE0.00 in29.77 inHgsteady

Member stations of the Regional Weather Network

Member stations of the Regional Weather Network

This station is proud to be a member of the Regional Weather Network.

Please take a moment to visit other stations on the network by clicking on the map above or clicking on the links below. The stations are displaying the weather conditions: Temperature, dew point, humidity, wind direction and speed/gust speed, today's rain, barometric pressure and trend, current conditions and the name of the city where the weather station is located.

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